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I have had the benefit of being tutored by Mr. Perera for three years, during which time he has boosted my confidence and grades at GCSE and A Level. I have found him to be a friendly person and a fantastic teacher. He is able to explain complex mathematical concepts in simple ways, making them easier to learn. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Perera, as I am sure that he will make a very positive improvement to each and everyone one of his students.

– Loui

Before joining Mr Perera’s tuition class the thought of getting through A-Level Maths was almost non-existent. I had no support from school and no confidence in myself. However this all changed once I began his classes. In each class he would go through a new topic and we covered the entire syllabus before the exam period leaving enough time for us to cover all the past papers. Classes were engaging and challenging as after we were given examples we had to tackle questions ourselves. The environment was great to work in as it was competitive as we all strived to get to the answer first but friendly enough to help each other out. This helped my timing in answering challenging questions and therefore increased my confidence when it came to answering real exam questions. Not only are the classes fun but they offer solutions to all the types of questions found in the A-Level syllabus. With Mr Perera’s help I managed to achieve the A grade I needed to get into UCL.

– Sheanthi

I have always found maths a very hard subject throughout my school life and as it came to my last year at school my parents decided it would be best for me to get some help for my last GCSE exam in June 2012.

I have had other maths tutor’s before but I found Mr Perera by far one of the most helpful and I wish I had found him sooner! He had a lot of patience and didn’t rush area’s that you found difficult and overall I found he always knew the best ways of explaining things so that you fully understood how to work out different equations. He would always come up with lots of examples of real life situations so that it made more sense. I have not yet had my results but I found him a big help and would definately recommend him.

– Laura

Mr.Perera helped me to regain my confidence in maths. He provided me with a lot of examples of varying difficulties in each area of the A2 syllabus to help me understand each section and achieve the right answer. By the summer, I felt really prepared for the maths exams, as we went through many past papers so I could adjust to the style of the questions. I achieved 100% for C2 and ended up with a “A” for Maths.

– Sarah

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